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Proudly announcing the Zion's Farm Recipe Challenge! Follow the guidelines below and submit your recipe for a chance to win $250 and the ultimate bragging rights. Follow the rules, create a spectacular recipe, and share it with us to see who can create the most popular creation using Zion's Farm products. 

Rules and Guidelines

The whole goal for this challenge and contest is to see who can create the best and most popular creation using our specified Zion's Farm products. The best part is, everyone is a judge! Votes will be tallied using likes and shares as "votes" to see who wins. Abide by the steps and guidelines below and good luck!

Step 1: Scroll down to fill out the required form to participate in the contest. By submitting, participants will receive a 10% Zion's Farm coupon to help you stock up and get creating! Only entries from those who have submitted using the form will be entered in the contest. 


Step 2:  Shop where our Zion's Farm freezers are located--either Mt. Crawford Creamery or Bridgewater Foods. Contestants may choose any Zion's Farm products as part of their creation. Not limited to: Short Ribs, Ground Beef, Roasts, any Steak product, and Sausage products. Of course, feel free to add any additional vegetables or ingredients, but contestant must use at minimum 1 item from the products listed. This way, all contestants are on a level playing field using the same pool of main products. Also, contestant must take a picture of Zion's Farm product(s) being used in packaging with label. 

Step 3: Create your recipe and type it on a Word Document. Contestants must give step by step instructions of their recipe with details that viewers can follow. Participants must also include at minimum 3 photos and maximum of 6 photos showing their respective processes. For ideas as to how this is to be structured, check out our recipes under our Blog tab. 


Step 4: Email your Word Document recipe to (zionsfarmofvirginia@gmail.com) to submit. After viewing your recipe and making sure the contestant has provided easy to follow steps, at least 3 pictures, and a picture of Zion's Farm product(s), we will then upload your submission to our Facebook page for people to view and vote. The earlier you create your recipe and submit, the longer it will be up on our Facebook page for people to like and share. 


How Winners Will Be Selected: Your recipe will be up on our Facebook page for people to view and vote on. Votes will be counted as the total amount of Likes and Shares that a submission has acquired. For example, a submission that we upload obtaining 5 likes and 5 shares will be counted as having 10 votes.    

Challenge Length: We will cut off accepting recipe submissions on 8/24/19 and will tally up the votes as well as announce the winner on 9/2/19!

Start Cooking!

Zion's Farm Recipe Challenge

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