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Cara's Venison Sausage Burgers (and food prep hack!)

Updated: May 14

Hey there! We have a new recipe for you guys! This recipe uses 5 pounds of meat, which will make 20 quarter lbs burgers. Make this for large or small families - using our food prep hack, shown at the end, to freeze them for a quick and easy meal later on!


3 lbs venison, ground

2 lbs Zion's Farm Breakfast Sausage

1 cup quick oats

1 Tbs Pink Himalayan Salt

1.5 tsp pepper, course ground

3 Tbsp chopped dry onions

1 Tbs garlic powder

5 eggs, medium

Mix eggs, oats and seasonings together in a small bowl.

Mix venison and sausage in a larger bowl. Mix throughly with hands, but don't over mix! Over mixing will make the meat tough.

Create a well in the center of the ground meat. Then pour the egg mixture into the center well and mix thoroughly using your hands.

Again, don't over mix!

Form into patties.

Grill or pan fry.

Temperature: 350/375

Cook through but don't overcook! (140 internal temp for medium)

MEAL PREP HACK!! For pre-made frozen patties without a vacuum sealer:

Stick your raw patties in ziplock backs. Stick a straw halfway into the bag and seal the bag around the straw. Using the straw, suck all the extra air out of the bag so it's air tight. Pull the straw out and seal the bag the rest of the way. Now you have vacuum sealed burgers to pull out at any time for a quick and easy meal!

Recipe by Cara Lee.



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