Due to the dry ageing process, our beef cooks very fast. We recommend that as soon as you see that the “juice” from the beef has a reddish-brown color, remove it from the heat and place on a plate to let it finish cooking on the plate for 5 to 10 minutes. You can always cook it longer, but you can never “un-cook” it.


Our beef products should need not other seasoning than just salt and pepper, and should be prepared medium-rare to medium. The only exceptions are our roasts—the longer they are in the crock pot, the better they are! If you are going to prepare them using something other than a crock pot, remember they will cook very, very fast and will dry out quickly because the dry aging process has reduced the water content by 20 percent.


The Beef Garlic Bratwurst product is our solution to hot dogs. The seasoning has no preservatives and no MSG’s! It is all natural and, as with all our dry aged products, will cook very fast. This product is not precooked, therefore, the best way to prepare them is in a pot of boiling water, or brown them in a skillet on medium heat (being careful not to overcook). Our kids love them with a little ketchup and we like them with horseradish and mustard!


DO NOT thaw our beef products in the microwave. Thaw in warm water or in the refrigerator before cooking.

But most importantly, enjoy!

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