Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a questions that isn't answered below, please reach out on our Contact Us page so we can answer it for you!​

Why did Zion's Farm choose to produce natural meat?

       Zion's Farm has chosen the all natural process because of the balance it provides. We want the animal

       to be 100% healthy and parasite-free. When you put a fence around a grazing animal, he can't search 

       for what he needs and is more likely to contract a parasite, which isn't what we want for our animals

       or our meat. We aim to work with nature, not against it, so we do use antibiotics, when needed - which

       is rare. Our animals are treated on a case-by-case basis, never given artificial hormones and we are

       careful not to overgraze.

What's the difference between natural and organic meat?

       Organic Meat means the meat has never received antibiotics, artificial hormones. Natural may have

       received some of either of those, but our natural products receive very limited antibiotics and absolutely

       no added hormones. 

How will my quarter, half of hole beef be cut?

       The beef can be processed very different with many different cuts – but to provide our customers with a          better and simpler buying and using experience, we developed our Zion’s cut – this is the best Steaks,              Roasts, Ribs and the rest Ground so that our customers can keep it simple. Other customers who are              familiar with butchering can have their product custom cut however they wish. 

How much product comes with a Zion's Farm quarter, half, and whole beef?

        Buying our Zion's Farm beef by the quarter, half, or whole is a great way to provide your family and                    friends with an abundance of quality, all natural products. By purchasing in quantity you are also                          benefiting from great savings! 

        The average breakdown for a quarter beef is provided below

                       -150 lbs. of meat

                       -22 lbs. of Steaks

                       -23 lbs. of Roasts               

                       -80 lbs. of Ground Beef

                       -17 lbs. of Ribs

                       -8 lbs. of bones

       The average breakdown for a half beef is provided below

                       -300 lbs. of meat

                       -43 lbs. of Steaks

                       -45 lbs. of Roasts

                       -160 lbs. of Ground Beef

                       -30 lbs. of Ribs

                       -19 lbs. of Bones

        To help provide some perspective, below is a picture of a standard upright freezer stocked with a half                beef

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