Our Angus steers have been raised on grass and finished on natural grains of cracked corn, rolled roasted soy beans, dry molasses, cured hay and minerals for their last 90 to 120 days. We watch each steer until it has been fattened just right to produce a flawless quality product. No reconstituted proteins and no growth hormones have been used on our animals.

Our beef products have been dry aged for 7 to 21 days. This range exists because each animal ages differently, and we adjust accordingly. When the product has achieved its perfect balance, the beef is processed, cut and wrapped, vacuum packed and frozen to preserve the intense beef flavor. Our red label is dry aged for 7-10 days, and our black label is dry aged for 21 days. This helps create two very different tasting meat, but both very good. 

At Zion’s Farm, we choose to dry age our product to intensify the beef flavor and naturally tenderize the beef. During the dry aging process, our beef will lose up to 20 percent or more of its water weight. Most beef products found in grocery stores are wet aged to prevent loss of moisture and weight, which means these products similar to ours will be heavier than our product. Dry aged beef found in grocery stores can be difficult to find, and they will be priced significantly more than the regular beef prices, due to the reduction in weight from the dehydration process during ageing.



When you open your dry aged product, you will note, most of the time, the butcher has not completely trimmed all of the exterior portions of the beef that show a grayish brown color on some of the fat. This is the “Proof of Aging” mark that a master butcher will leave on the product and the customer can choose to trim it off or leave it.

Proof of Aging

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